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OCCUPY: A Panel Discussion

Image: Sovereignty Hill, Kings Domain, Melbourne - 2006
Credit: Lachlan MacDowall

Date: Thursday 4 April, 2013 
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Elisabeth Murdoch Building, Victorian College of the Arts (Southbank campus), 234 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

We all ‘occupy’ space - but how can we use the idea of ‘occupy’ to think more broadly on spatial justice? Spatial justice is about the the interrelations of the material, the cultural and social production/reproduction of space and the power relationships entangled in this. It is about the relationship between public and private space, and how people, institutions and culture occupy space.

A range of speakers will explore this theme, from the diverse perspectives of homelessness, civil society, international development and intervention.

Lachlan Rhodes - Civil Society activist / former Greens Party candidate.

Andy Dawson - Professor of Development Studies, University of Melbourne

Victoria Stead - PhD candidate, RMIT, working on land and customary law in PNG/East Timor

Spike Chiappalone - Member of the Council for Homeless Persons' Peer Education Support Program / ex-long term homeless person

James Oliver - Anthropologist / RHD Coordinator at the Centre for Cultural Partnerships

To find us, see location map below.

Refreshments provided/gold coin donations welcome!

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