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Landscape Food Paradigm | Thursday 13 October 2011 at 7pm | Public talk by Michael Howard

Words@Bldg50 October Edition:

Landscape food paradigms, with Michael Howard

Much of the current conversation around new food paradigms has a focus on domestic urban production . A boutique model that will come and go and have little affect on our broader food world . How can we shift these paradigms of production across a range of scales without loosing the the energy currently generated by the community groups? What are the considerations and how can we engage with them through design. The role of design is often ignored in this area of agriculture and considered only through pragmatics. What else can working landscapes offer and how do we infiltrate what we understand as closed industrial sites?

Will be joining us is Michael Howard. Michael is a founding member of FOODLAB: Food and landscape architecture bureau and lectures in landscape architecture at RMIT University, Australia. His research interests include food systems, productive landscapes and designing for future food urbanism. His design teaching focuses specifically on the spatiality of food systems in urban, regional and remote Australian Landscapes. His recent projects have investigated ideas around efficiency, redundancy and cross programming of peri urban food production zones in Melbourne Australia.

Join us for an evening of talk and conversation, followed by light refreshments. Entry by gold coin donation.

Video of the event:

Part 1

Part 2


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