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Presentation @ Kinglake :. 27.09.09 :. Community centre design | Prof. Silvia Acosta

We’re breaking out of our usual monthly talk cycle to bring you a special extra September edition of words @ bldg 50, and an insight into the rebuilding process on the ground at Kinglake, a Victorian community seriously affected by the bushfires earlier this year.


Prof. Silvia Acosta, from the Rhode Island School of Design (who joined us at words in August), her colleague Adrienne Benz, and their second-year students from Monash University are currently working on building a community centre at Kinglake, VIC, as part of the University's first design/build project with faculty from abroad. The open-air community centre will feature indoor/outdoor seating areas where the community can interact, barbeque and is equipped with cooking facilities, and a fire pit area that ensures the space can be used both day and night. The structure, composed of donated and salvaged materials, has been designed by the Monash team in creative and unconventional ways. Currently, the project is still in its construction phase.

On 27 September 2009 (this Sunday), Architects for Peace along with Prof.Silvia Acosta's team will hold a talk near the construction site as the project draws to a close. However, more volunteers may be needed to complete the project, and so expressions of interest are welcome. Please contact Eleanor (eleanor at architectsforpeace dot org) for more information.

We hope to see you there!

Venue: Communal Dining Hall @ Kinglake Temporary Housing Village (please park at shops nearby to allow resident use of village car park)

Time: 12:00 noon

How to get there:

By car is the best way. We will be meeting at our usual Words venue (RMIT building 50, Orr St, Carlton) at 10.30am on the day to car-pool if you’d like a lift. Otherwise please park at shops nearby to allow resident use of village car park.

The project

(plan by Emergency Architects Australia)


Kinglake Some Background..

Kinglake was one of the worst affected towns by the Victorian bushfires earlier this year in February. Hundreds of homes were destroyed. The town has a history of bushfires when extreme weather conditions occur. A temporary village is currently under construction in the area and due to open on 3 October 2009, thanks to the pro bono efforts of Emergency Architects Australia, AR Group Architects, and Antarctica Group, under the direction of the Victorian Bushfire Recovery and Reconstruction Authority. The village will house up to 55 temporary housing units, communal buildings and recreational facilities and be in place for two years. It is anticipated that the lightweight communal shelter currently being built by Silvia and students will be dismantled after this time and relocated to the permanent centre of Kinglake.

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