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Special: Paul Pholeros - Nov. 30th, 2007

Paul Pholeros
Architect and Director of Healthabitat
Its hard to imagine how any individual can be at peace when their health is poor, their children are regularly sick and their general living environment miserable.
To make any positive change in this cycle is difficult but essential.

The presentation and discussion will include:
- Indigenous Australians - linking housing and health 1985-2007
- the current status of the living environment
- making immediate change
- details of the work from around Australia
- a change of pace in China
- current work in Nepal

For a background to the work …..go to

6pm Friday, November 30
(Orr Street, off Victoria Street)
Gold coin donation

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Peter said...

I just noticed that Paul Pholeros has just been profiled in "Doer Profiles" on the American Institute of Architects' website.


"One of the greatest obstacles has been the myth-making by lazy professionals, builders, and government officials. The greatest myth has been that indigenous people damage or vandalize houses and that is the reason for the poor quality of housing. This lets everyone off the hook."

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