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Andrea Nield from Emergency Architects Australia - July 5th, 2007

Free public lecture
Thursday 5th July, 7pm onwards
at RMIT building 50, Orr St, Carlton.

"The fundamental question we asked...was if architects are able to become organized in exceptional circumstances during major crises,as other professionals have done before"

Since forming in April 2001 in France after the floods of the Somme and the Oise, Emergency has been endeavouring to answer this question.

In the process, members have worked to mobilise built environment professionals in order to provide immediate assistance in the event of natural and human-made disasters. Most recently, it has been involved in assessing the earthquake damage suffered in the Solomon Islands. Andrea Nield, director of the Sydney-based arm of Emergency Architects, will share her hands-on experience in post-disaster recovery and re-building.

Hear about the principles and goals driving Emergency Architects, and the projects where these objectives have been put to the test.

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