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Making the City an 'Off Lead' Area for Kids - April 5, 2007

This presentation shows how planning can help to increase children's independent mobility by including their views and experiences into planning processes.

Cultural values of freedom, the market and democracy are operationationalised by competitive self-interest and symbolized by privatized lives. This focus on individualism also underpins institutional, community and family risk management activities aimed to protect children. Combined with the conceptualisation of children as ‘incompetent’ or as dangerous, they are removed from public space for their own safety or for the safety of others. As a result, children's independent mobility has decreased significantly in the western world.

About the presenter: Julie Rudner is a PhD Candidate at the University of Melbourne and tutor in Social Planning for Health, Research Methods

More information coming soon...

Thursday April 5th, 7pm at 50 Orr Street, South Carlton

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Great topic, good discussion and lovely food! Thanks

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