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Measuring Integration of Universal Design Principles in the Built Environment

August 3rd, 2006 7pm

Designers working in the built environment need to be familiar with the Building Code of Australia regulations for access and egress to both commercial and residential buildings as well as the provisions of the disability Discrimination Act. Yet access for persons of differing physical abilities requires far greater considerations encompassing ranging from transport infrastructure to human rights agreements.

Can access be quantitatively measured and if so how? What could such a measure reveal comparatively about precincts, councils states and between nations? Could longitudinal studies guide progress? Can such a measure guide designers in prioritising the needs of the young, elderly injured and handicapped as well as improving the built environment for everyone including the able bodied?

Post-Graduate Social Science Research Student Ralph Green of Visionary Design Development presents an introduction to the theoretical and methodological concepts for a Universal Mobility Index to measure access to the built environment in developed and developing countries.

Come along to gain an insight into changing models of disability and the built environment.

7pm, August 3rd, RMIT Building 50 in Orr Street South Carlton
$2 suggested donation

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Anonymous said...

Hello Ralph,

Really sorry I was not able to attend on 3 August but would be interested to obtain any handouts, information or advice if this presentation is to be repeated. Can contact me at jimc1@bigpond.net.au

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