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Lingua 5

The first of the series @bld50 this year: Wednesday February 15, 8:30pm
a conversation will follow to introduce our new website item "
urban world, arch-peace in the many languages"

Lingua 5 is the name of an experimental public art project.This project started with 5 artists leaded by Dale Nason, artist and lecturer at RMIT. We construct a colaborative project based on our different languages. The project is about sharing our languages and cultures through experimental artforms “language exchange actions”

Aslam from Afganistan speaks Dari
Kevin from Hong Kong speaks Cantonese
Karla from Mexico speaks Spanish
Pei from Taiwan speaks Mandarin
Hani from Israel speak Hebrew

Based on the idea of 5 people from 5 countries teaching and learning 5 languages and sharing their cultures, we each chose 5 words we wanted to learn

Aslam's words are: Water, Air, Sun, Earth, Stars

Kevin's words are: Do you understand? Where is the toilet? party, alcohol, milk

Karlas' words are: Hello, I love you, What is your name? Thank you, Please

Pei's words are: Don't cry, This is mine, Secret, Please tell me, Home

Hani words are: Peace, Eyes, Heart, Children, Sorry

Public Intervention

On Thursday the 18th of August the Lingua 5 group had its first public art outing. We: Aslam, Karla and Hani with the help of Joy, Dale and Cery walked down Swanston St acquitted with a paper roll, sticky tape and colourful textures to the posters pole on the corner of Burke St and Swanston St,Melbourne. The pole was quickly covered with white paper from top to bottom and messages of harmony and sharing were written by the group members in their language of origin. Soon we were joined by passers by who also wanted to send a message in their on language (posted by Hani at “lingua 5 blog” on Sunday, August 21, 2005)

Cost: a gold coin donation, thanks

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