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AFP seminar: OM Solar System

Melbourne - AFP Seminar: OM Solar System

On Monday, August 1st , Hitoshi Takeyama (managing director of OM institution) presented a seminar on the OM solar system. The OM Solar Association and OM Institute was established in 1998 and by mid-2003, more than 25,000 OM Solar homes have been built in Japan.

The presentation involved some examples of different projects built in Japan, where this systems has been tried.

The work produced during the 8 days workshop by UNSW architecture students was also displayed. The system consists of the OM design and the monitoring program.

find more about OM: here


Top: Hitoshi Takeyama's presentation

Middle: OM works produced by UNSW'

students during the 8-day workshop

Bottom: Beatriz C. Maturana, Mr Hitoshi Takeyama and Su Mellersh-Lucas

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